Indian Stone Installation

, Indian Stone Installation

Indian stone installation is an ideal way to give your garden or patio a stunning natural aesthetic. The stones boast an authentic look, come in various colours and finishes that can accommodate any style of landscape.

When installing paving slabs, it’s essential to take some extra time and make sure they’re laid correctly. Doing this will prevent future issues with the surface and keep your paving looking its best.

To begin, determine what type of Indian sandstone you would like to use. There are various varieties to select from, such as calibrated Indian sandstone, sawn Indian sandstone and riven Indian sandstone.

Calibrated Sandstone – This style of Indian sandstone is precisely and artificially cut with diamond cutting machines to produce an even thickness across each slab, helping prevent issues with sloping or misalignment that can occur if not taken care.

Smooth – This option makes the Indian sandstone pavement very smooth and slip-resistant, making it suitable for patios in all weathers. Furthermore, the paving becomes frost-resistant, meaning your patio will stay safe during wintertime.

Riven – This alternative to sawn Indian sandstone can be used for a more rustic, rough, and traditional aesthetic in your patio or garden. It gives the paving an aged appearance which works well in rural or country garden settings.

Edging – Edging is an integral component of patio installation and can make or break its appearance. Make sure the paving has a neat edge that matches any brick or block edging on your property. There are various options for edging, such as pin kerbs and block borders – each available at various prices.

Drainage – It is essential that surface water from your patio be properly drained away, so it doesn’t sit on the paving for extended periods. To accomplish this, you’ll need to develop an effective drainage strategy.

Before installing patio paving, it’s wise to apply sealant. This will make the surface more resistant to weather elements and safeguard it against staining and damage in the long run.

Clean & Low Maintenance

There are plenty of ways to keep your Indian sandstone patio looking its best, from using a pressure washer to using cleaning products specifically formulated for the surface. Both methods can effectively get rid of everyday grime as well as tough moss and algae buildup.

A simple wash down with soapy water can help remove most stains and dirt, while diluted bleach formulations may be effective at eliminating more stubborn moss and algae growth. If you would like an INSTANT FREE QUOTE please click here.

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