Wirral Flagging specialise in indian stone patios, paving, flagging and decking. We have also recently teamed up with Artificial Grass UK.  Who supply and install artificial lawns.

Wirral Flagging have 30 years experience in our industry.  We are proud to say we have developed an excellent reputation with our clientele.

We are based on The Wirral. Yet cover all of Merseyside, North Wales and most of Cheshire.

Our prices are very competitive and fair. We offer discounts for OAP’s. If you are not quite sure what you want.  We offer a free consultation and advice service.

Our  Health & Safety record is exemplary.  And we pride ourselves on providing a professional and highly proficient service.

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How to Get Started on an Indian Stone Driveway Or Patio

Indian stone is a popular choice for driveways, patios and paths due to its stylish yet modern finish that requires minimal upkeep and resistance to erosion. Not only that, but Indian stone also requires very little upkeep compared to other materials due to its ease of care and resistance to weathering. If you’re thinking of

How to Go About Indian Stone Installation

Indian stone installation is an ideal way to give your garden or patio a stunning natural aesthetic. The stones boast an authentic look, come in various colours and finishes that can accommodate any style of landscape. When installing paving slabs, it’s essential to take some extra time and make sure they’re laid correctly. Doing this

Wirral Flagging – A Way of Getting Local Attention For Species-Rich Hedges

Wirral flagging is an effective way of drawing local attention to important hedges that support local wildlife. It also serves to showcase the area and encourage visitors to come explore it for themselves. History The Wirral boasts an impressive heritage, boasting many historic landmarks like Birkenhead Priory, Leasowe Lighthouse and Bidston Hill’s ancient carved buildings

4 Reasons for Choosing a Professional Paving Contractor like Wirral Flagging

Paving jobs, whether they are big or small, should always be taken seriously.  They should be thoroughly planned from top to bottom. For anyone who is unfamiliar with paving work and would like to do the job on their own. There are several things that have to be considered which may end up costing quite a lot of time and money along the way.

First of all to get any paving work done efficiently and of the highest standard. It’s always recommended to hire a professional contractor. Though many believe them to be very expensive. There are many benefits to getting a good contractor. Those benefits are part of the investment made on a professional paver rather than cutting corners to save a few pounds.

Get Expert Opinions from Wirral Flagging

With a professional contractor, you will be able to get expert opinions for the job at hand. They will know how to properly assess an area that needs paving.  Know of all the proper methods and materials that should be used for specific jobs. The experienced paving contractors will be able to clearly explain the environment. Deal with potential problematic areas of the job paired with the solutions they plan on using.

By hiring a professional contractor as opposed to doing a job solo. This can be the difference between a lifetime of clean and solid paving or a lifetime of headaches and new expenses.

Avoid Problems with Wirral Flagging

There are many problems that can arise from paving jobs. Professional pavers are aware of them all. They have the training and expertise to handle any problem. Then carry through with a job as a professional should. If you are trying to do a job on your own. Then come across a problem, you may end up spending even more time and money to fix it compared to hiring someone in the first place.

Another benefit of hiring a contracting company is the reassurance of them having proper certification and insurance for any work that’s being done on your property. Furthermore this will keep you out of any trouble should problems or complications arise during the job.

Save Money with Wirral Flagging

Contractors are often considered the more expensive option.  However in many cases, they are actually the cheaper option in the long term. Although many people do not expect to run into problems for simple paving jobs.  There are times when they are unavoidable and cost extra money to fix or alter plans. To hire professional equipment and materials without trade discount will be expensive for individuals.

Furthermore professional contractors will include everything in one fee. This usually includes labour, equipment, materials. Also extras from problems that may pop up. The contractors will be able to complete everything safely. Within a timely manner.  Furthermore many private jobs can stretch out  over a long period of time.

Save Time with Wirral Flagging

When a professional contractor is working on a job.  You will have more time to do other important things in your life. While the contractors do the paving, you don’t have to take time off your own work. You won’t have to worry about holding off other plans that are more important or more enjoyable to do. In conclusion, you can enjoy professional paving done as you like without missing out on other things in life.

In addition we have dozens of glowing reviews. Therefore giving you confidence in our company. Please ask if you would like to see the reviews. Furthermore we have scores of before and after pictures. These photos should put your mind at rest. In addition prove you are in safe hands.

Finally if you are looking for a free consultation quote and measure please call Mark at Wirral Flagging on   0151 606 9523

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