Why choose Composite Decking? Space is often limited. Particularly in urban gardens. Therefore making the most of every niche and corner is crucial.


Furthermore outside space needs to look good. In addition be functional for entertaining or as a play space for the kids. Most of all with very little upkeep composite decking upgrades your outdoor space.

Luckily decking ticks all these boxes. To make the most of your yard or garden. You need to combine practical decking with bespoke furniture for your individual space. It is also a good idea to combine decking with an attractive patio or artificial grass.

Composite Decking – Things to consider.

If you are new to Gardening. Maybe you just don’t have the time or inclination to maintain your garden. You may want to opt for a low maintenance garden. Decking maybe the answer for you. Either traditional low cost wooden decking.  Possibly an ultra modern PVC decking that has even less need for upkeep.

Furthermore It is worth noting PVC decks generally cost at least twice the amount of traditional decks to buy the PVC wood and install. However it is most noteworthy to bear in mind the composite deck will last for 25 years or life. Whereas traditional will last 5-10 years and this is highly dependent on how much maintenance is given.

In conclusion you should work out a budget. Calculate how much time you have for upkeep. As a result draw up a plan that suits you.


Consider at least 3 quotes

Furthermore you should visit local showrooms. Especially relevant showrooms to your needs. Another option maybe to view friends or families recently concluded installations. Finally  you should ask your prospective installer to show you before and afters. Or maybe recommendations. If you would like a ball park figure to see how much your new patio would cost please check out our new cost calculator FOC.

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