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Everyone enjoys a patio. Particularly In the heat of the summer  months, they can offer a good place of shade to sit and sip cold lemonade. It’s a great place to host family barbecues and birthday events. Some homes don’t have an outdoor patio, but a house proprietor can build one him or herself and can do so pretty cheaply. But how much does building a patio truly price? Anything between £25 per Square metre up to £70 per square metre. Depending on how much prep work is required and which flags or tiles you choose.

Wirral Flagging’s core business is flagging or cheap patios as our name suggests. However as time has gone on we have diversified into artificial grass, indian stone, and composite decking.

Firstly you really need to consider which is best suited for your needs.

If you think of the cost in this order, most expensive first.

  1. Composite Decking. Approximate prices £75 per square metre.
  2. Indian Stone Patio.  £60 per square metre.
  3. Traditional Decking £55 per square metre.
  4. Artificial Grass £35 per sq. metre
  5. Recycled Flags Cheap Patio £25 per sq metre.
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